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Members Area

Several electronic resources are provided to club members. The tools described below can assist in club communications, business and camraderie. Links from this section are targeted for members of the club and require a UserID and Password.

Calendar Services can be found at calendar.kvrotary.org.
This is a calendar service that can combine your personal items with the Rotary calendar. This service will make it easier for members to get updated events on the Rotary calendar.
Document Creation, Storage and Sharing tools are available at docs.kvrotary.org. This area is where you can find documents related to club business. Members can store and share documents with one another. Set up shared documents for committee work, projects, or just having fun. Check out the clubs financial situation by looking in the financial folder. This is a great way to promote openness in the club and communicate more effectively. In addition, any document, spreadsheet, or presentation created with this tool can also easily be added to the public website or set up to only allow members to view.
Email and Directory Services are located at mail.kvrotary.org. All club members are provided with an @kvrotary.org email account and all members are included in the contact list. Thus, you can use the Kirksville Rotary email services to contact other club members even if you don’t know their preferred email address. You can also use your account if you prefer to send email with an “official” rotary account. Or simply use the service to keep your rotary related activity in its own area.
Social Networking via KVRotary on Facebook. Have a little fun and learn about other club members by joining this group on Facebook. Facebook is one of the new “Web 2.0″ tools that has received so much media attention. Find out what all the fuss is over and why millions of people and thousands of organizations are setting up accounts on Social Networking sites.