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posted Feb 23, 2009, 12:05 PM by Claire Lloyd
The World Community Service Literacy Project, which our Kirksville Rotary Club supports under the direction of our twin-club Kromboom Rotary Club in Cape Town, South Africa is blossoming! Last year our club provided Kromboom with $2,500 of seed money for purchase of English language dictionaries. With these funds 400 copies of the dictionary published by Usborne in UK were procured by Michael Johnson, Kromboom’s project director and distributed to top Rotary leaders and literacy  coordinators in South Africa.  A request accompanied this distribution of sample dictionaries, that clubs consider sponsoring free distribution of said dictionaries to schools in their respective areas. 

Within eight weeks of a mainly word-of-mouth introduction of this literacy project, over 4,600 dictionaries were ordered. A shipment of 3,500 is scheduled to arrive in South Africa in May 2009. To date—February 2009—the project has gained support from numerous African Rotary Clubs and also from Reach Out To Africa—a Rotary effort. Contacts with top Rotary leadership in East, West, and South Africa—also India—are opening prospects for participation in this English language dictionary distribution project throughout these areas—Africa and India. 

This English language dictionary project was hatched in Cape Town by three past Rotary District Governors—Rodney Mazinter, Michael Johnson, and Ray Klinginsmith.  Particularly in view of the support from the highest levels of Rotary leadership, our cooperative dictionary project with Kromboom appears to have strong prospects for further and rapid development within the efforts of Rotary International to improve literacy.